Social Justice Sector




There must exist a paradigm, a practical model for social change that includes an understanding of ways to transform consciousness that are linked to efforts to transform structures.

 ~ bell hooks, Killing Rage: Ending Racism


Vision, Mission and Goals of the Charter for Compassion Social Justice Sector

Vision: A just society, built through compassionate communities that challenge injustice and value diversity

Mission: To inspire compassionate just actions in all areas of human social endeavors by connecting, supporting, promoting, challenging and championing social justice locally and globally 

Strategies: bring together diverse people from all over the world to find ways to improve access to social justice:

  • We will act as a conduit to help identify the issues that get in the way of equality and equity for all people by providing a safe place to explore, acknowledge and formulate action which promotes movement towards social justice.
  • We will promote dialogue that values the common desires and unique distinctions between individuals who are striving for social justice so that they can either join forces or strengthen their existing movement.
  • We will act as a resource in identifying groups working towards social justice to spotlight the intersectionality between issues in order to promote an environment of working with instead of working against each other.
  • We will provide materials and resources to support individuals and communities to deal with pertinent issues in their communities related to social justice.
  • Above all, we will seek to promote compassionate action towards all the voices speaking out for social justice.

Long Term Intentionsfor Creation of the Social Justice Sector 

  • Provide educational forums, i.e., panel discussion, book studies.
  • Provide resources relative to educating ourselves and our communities around social justice by creating annotated bibliographies and Social Justice Compassion Readers and offer platforms for highlighting/discussing specific issues around social justice (call-ins, workshops, Social Justice Film Festival, etc.).
  • Connect organizations/individual working on social justice with each other and lift them up so that people connect and learn from each other.
  • Hold informative conversations with people who are directing compassionate city efforts to foster social justice.
  • Cross reference Social Justice Sector with other International Compassion Action Network Sectors: (Business, Education, Health, Arts, Environment, Peace, Restorative Justice, Religion/Spirituality/Interfaith, Science and Research, Social Services, Women and Girls).

2021-22 Initiative: Addressing Whiteness in the North American Context

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